Develop better relationships with your customers with Cadence.

Align all stakeholders across your organization with unprecedented visibility, collaboration, and communication for all your event’s customer engagements.
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Easily view top level metrics, segmented lists, and create new appointments from any device.
Scheduling meetings with your customers should be effortless.
Scheduling a meeting at an upcoming event with a busy customer is already a challenge. Add in multiple teammates who wish to join the meeting, but who all have their own schedules, and you're looking at hours of coordination work.

Appointments was built to make scheduling large meetings a breeze for both your team and, more importantly, your customer.
Put the emphasis back on building relationships with your customers, not organizing schedules.
Instantly view employee and customer availability based upon existing appointments, congress schedules, and internal meetings.
People's Availability
Easily find a time slot that fits every colleagues' schedule by viewing their real-time congress availability together in a timeline.
Location Availability
Instantly view the real-time availability of each of your reserved meeting rooms and effortlessly reserve your time slot.
Conflict Analysis
The system will analyze your team members' and customers' schedule to avoid conflicts and suggested the ideal meeting times for everyone involved.
Give your customers the power to choose the appointment date and times that work best for their schedule.
Ask the Customer
The Ask The Customer intelligent scheduling algorithm within Cadence can automatically find time slots that all of your invited teammates have available to then allow your customer to pick the meeting time that best suits their event schedule.
Reschedule Appointment
If you customer needs to reschedule for any reason, they will be able to use Reschedule Appointment directly from their calendar invite.
Suggested Agenda Items
Upon accepting the invite, your customer will be able to suggest agenda items to discuss during your appointment.
Align your entire organization with full visibility into all appointments occurring at the event.
My Appointments & All Appointments
Every team has full visibility of every meeting across the entire organization.
Refine Filtering
View appointments by topic, objectives, team, customer region, country, and other criteria.
Automated Reporting & Analytics
Automated reporting and analytics based on customer, customer type, organizer, team, customer specialty, meeting topic, objective, or other advanced filtering parameters.
Additional Features
Tailor the Appointments system to your organization’s needs and workflow.
Custom Fields
Select organizational objectives, opportunities, and topics when scheduling an appointment with a customer.
Duration Increments
Choose between 15, 30, and 60 minute increments with time buffers.
Location Types
Choose from Rooms, Restaurants, and Custom Locations.
Assistant Association
For customers or colleagues that have assistants, just add their assistant's email address and Cadence will automatically include them on all future meeting invitations and update emails.
Time Formats
Appointments are displayed in local time with 12/24 hour display options.
Personal Messaging
Edit each individual appointment to the organizer's personal message specifications.
Appointment Registration Websites
Perfect for organizing large customer meetings such as symposiums, Advisory Boards and Medical Meetings.
Automated Reports
Determine automated delivery of appointment status reports based upon criteria and frequency.
Email Templates
Edit and send professional meeting invitations to your customer right from within Cadence. No more copy and pasting emails!
On-Site Compliance
Check-in options can be configured for reporting and compliance per appointment, including: standard “tap to check-in”, signature capture, and opt-in/opt-out disclaimers for FMV.
Kiosk Mode
Mount/setup tablets for meeting rooms to display room availability and allow for quick appointment bookings & check-ins.
Bulk Actions
Update multiple appointments at once saving valuable time.
Both out-of-the-box and custom integrations are available. Contact us for more information about integrations.
Automatically sync calendars to view people’s availability when scheduling appointments and sync all schedule items from your event into your Outlook.
Veeva Oncoloy Link
Direct links to Veeva profiles for each customer.
With 2-way data sync, Cadence can automatically pull customer data including customer info and engagement history and push your engagements from events to Salesforce.
Online Meeting Platforms
Integrated Webex and Zoom automatically generate the online meeting details for your appointments.
Joseph Conrad
“Cadence helps avoid any scheduling confusion, improves our customers' perception of our organization, and provides for greater efficiency in their meetings with our stakeholders.”
Joseph Conrad

Regional Medical Science Director, Oncology

Sofia Litos
“At my last company, there was no transparency around interactions at congresses. Now, with Cadence, our teams aren't siloed and can collaborate on maximizing visibility and conversations at these key events.”
Sofia Litos

Associate Director, Global Oncology

Elizabeth McGhee
“The Cadence team was incredibly responsive and helpful throughout the process, from set-up to event follow-up. It felt great to have them cheering us on remotely! We couldn't have done it without them!”
Elizabeth McGhee

Director of Learning and Development, SMCP

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